Logitech acquires streaming controller maker Loupedeck

2023-07-20 11:12:37
Logitech acquires streaming controller maker Loupedeck

Logitech, a renowned technology company, has recently acquired Loupedeck, an innovative editing console, in a deal of undisclosed value. This acquisition marks Logitech's dedication to expanding its product portfolio and advancing its software capabilities. With this acquisition, Logitech aims to enhance the intelligence and contextual awareness of its keyboards, mice, and other devices.

Loupedeck initially gained recognition through its Lightroom editing console, which was launched as an Indiegogo project. Building on its success, the company introduced the Loupedeck CT, an advanced editing console, in 2019. However, Loupedeck didn't stop there and ventured into the domain of video streaming with the Loupedeck Live and Loupedeck Live S. These products provide an alternative to Elgato's Stream Deck and offer content creators the ability to incorporate elements like titles and picture-in-picture into their live streams. Loupedeck also collaborated with Razer to create the Stream Controller, a unique product for creators.

The acquisition of Loupedeck by Logitech allows the latter to deliver a premium experience to content creators, including gamers and livestreamers. Logitech aims to provide a seamless user experience by enhancing onboarding, presets, and integrating Streamlabs apps with Loupedeck devices. By joining forces with Logitech, Loupedeck anticipates exponential growth in its audience reach.

This acquisition is not Logitech's first foray into the world of game streaming. In 2019, the company acquired Streamlabs, a move that strengthened its presence in the gaming industry. Over the years, Logitech has made strategic brand purchases, such as Saitek in 2016, Astro in 2017 (known for its popular headsets among gamers and streamers), and Blue Microphones in 2018. Although Logitech recently retired the Blue branding, it continues to manufacture the original products under its own name, including the Yeti and Snowball microphones.

With Logitech's extensive experience and resources, it is expected that the acquisition of Loupedeck will result in improved manufacturing quality and potentially lower prices for Loupedeck's products. However, the press release assures customers and partners that Loupedeck will continue its operations unaffected in the foreseeable future.

Logitech's acquisition of Loupedeck signifies its commitment to innovation and providing professional-grade solutions to content creators. With the combined expertise of both companies, users can look forward to a heightened editing and streaming experience.